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Latest Testimonial – Brad M. –  “Hello Steve, thanks for the great pics! We had an awesome time. And Britt was great. We’ll see y’all again!

The photos I provided to Brad were seen on the blog of 4/3/15. I’ve been photographing most of our guests while doing the shuttle, since the photography company has yet to start up:

It’s our latest testimonial: You guys are great!  We will definitely make this an annual adventure for the Sprinkle family.  Kathy SprinkleSouse_2671

Prof. William Gloer and students from Baylor College at the put-in for the Racecourse run on the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Prof. William Gloer and seminary students from Baylor College

Here is the first of two groups brought each year by William Gloer, of Baylor College, in Waco, Texas. That’s William in the yellow T-shirt. The crutch was for one of the students, who had a sprained ankle. I wonder what the guy on the right was thinking? The group did the Racecourse run, on the Rio Grande.

At Souse Hole, on the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

At Souse Hole

 The Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Souse hole, on the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM


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From decades past, we have resurrected a great T-shirt design. “On the Banks of the Rio Grande” celebrates our great location in Embudo, New Mexico, where our headquarters are, indeed, located right on the banks of the Rio Grande. We operate SUP lessons right here and funyak rentals that either come or go from our riverside location. And, funyaks are available at no extra charge on our regular trips. Just ask.

As summer comes into full swing, we are now operating near capacity. We’re getting large groups, small groups, church groups, Boy Scout groups – many, of course, from Texas! New Mexico Rafting is what folks want, and we have it. Though the State of New Mexico is officially in drought, around here we have the gorgeous Rio Grande, running clear and warm (70 degrees!). You too can be refreshed with New Mexico rafting, with New Wave Rafting Co., on the banks of the Rio Grande. “Nuevo Wavo, Muy Bueno”.