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Owner of New Wave Rafting Co. Steve Miller (along with his wife Kathy), has just published the 2nd edition of his photo book on running the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Here is the announcement:

Announcing the publication of “The Grand, The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, a Photo Journey and Visual Guide, 2nd edition”. This is the 2nd edition of a now out-of-print photographic book. This 2nd edition is an iBook, currently viewable on an iPad. It will be viewable on a Mac when the new OS – “Maverick”, is released. It covers the entire Colorado River trip, from Lees Ferry to South Cove on Lake Mead, 297 miles in all. It is 354 pgs. in length, has over 900 photos, an introductory video by Britt Runyon and many interactive features. It costs $5.99. Here is the link:

Also, a DVD version of this book is available, directly from the author. It’s cost is $12pp. For credit card purchase, call Steve Miller at: 505-579-0075. Or, send check or cash to POB 70, Embudo, NM 87531


a photo from “The Grand”


Britt Runyon

Britt Runyon

The southwest is land of distant views, violent thunderstorms, cold wind-blown winter days, and above all ‘light’.  For a hundred years the southwest has pulled in some of the great talent in painting and photography simply with the quality of its light.  Some of the friends of New Wave Rafting have had the pleasure of watching Britt emerge as a leader in landscape photography and to start his journey documenting this remarkable plateau.   We are extremely proud to feature a few of Britt’s photographs in a new “full page” gallery.   Here in Britt’s gallery you can wander the plains of Taos in the dead of winter or delight in the golden colors the Grand Canyon.

Come enjoy Britt’s photography gallery and don’t forget to zoom the gallery to full page.  Some of our friends just put Britt’s gallery on the screen and let it run as background.

Britt Runyon Photo Gallery

The Río Grande del Norte National Monument was established on March 25, 2013 by Presidential Proclamation. The monument includes approximately 242,500 acres of public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The landscape is comprised of rugged, wide open plains at an average elevation of 7,000 feet, dotted by volcanic cones, and cut by steep canyons with rivers tucked away in their depths. The Río Grande carves an 800 foot deep gorge through layers of volcanic basalt flows and ash. Among the volcanic cones in the Monument, Ute Mountain is the highest, reaching to 10,093 feet.
A Monument View

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Britt Runyon (New Wave Operations Manager and Official Photographer) just can’t stay indoors. Even in the dead of winter, like Thoreau, he’s out and about, “inspecting” the winter scene.

Notice that the river in the background is frozen over. This is just a few miles downstream of the New Wave Rafting World Headquarters.

Gauging Station_5759

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Britt Runyon —  December 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

New Wave staff do the Grand Canyon! Many of our guests ask what we do in the off-season. This year, on September 5th., we pushed off the beach at Lees Ferry, AZ, at the start of a 21-day trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Included in the roster of New Wave participants were: Kathy Miller, Pres.; Steve Miller, VP; Britt Runyon, Operations Manager; Neil Oberheide, guide; CJ Robison, guide; Orlando Torres, guide; Karen House, guide; Jordan Cashman, guide and the permit holder (who waited 17 years for her number to come up!!) Maria Weinrich, former guide. Do you think we had a GREAT time? You bet! There’s just no place like the Grand Canyon, and the trip we took down the Colorado River through the entirety of the Canyon is, simply, the best river trip in the world.
Take a look (photos by Britt Runyon and Steve Miller)


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While fishing the Racecourse, I took these photos of a favorite polished and sculpted basalt boulder.

This is a short video, illustrating what we do on Northern New Mexico’s best white water river, the Rio Grande, and shows that “This Could Be You”.

Our rafting guests are framed by wild roses, in this nice shot by Britt Runyon.

Wild Roses of the Rio Grande River
New Wave rafting guests pose next to a display of wild roses

The newly out Taos Visitor Guide features an article by NWR VP Steve Miller entitled: “Welcome to Whitewater, New Mexico”. The article also features a full-page photo of NWR Operations Manager Britt “Runyon” Huggins.

Taos Visitor and Newcomer Guide 2012