Film Production Services on the Rivers of New Mexico

We assist movie and ad makers in a number of ways, such as: river location scouting, on-water camera platforms, river safety, river transportation and more. We have provided these services on over 15 occasions, for movies that include: “Lonesome Dove”, “Natural Born Killers”,  “The Missing”, "The Last Outlaw", "Janes's Got A Gun", "Sweetwater", "Reconstruction" and most recently, "The Magnificent Seven" remake.

In 2015, we provided river safety for the re-make of "The Magnificent Seven". Film Production for the Film Magnificent Seven

In March, 2011, we worked for an NBC pilot, on the Rio Grande and Pecos rivers. We ferried a Tech scout group and then the Greens crew back and forth across a river channel on the Rio Grande river and then constructed a raft bridge across the same channel on the Rio Grande; our kayaker retrieved a costume hat on the Rio Grande several times; using throw ropes, our guides retrieved a stunt man and then an actor who had "committed suicide" in the Rio Grande river; we carried people and equipment on rafts across the Pecos River.

In 2012, we provided river safety services for the film "Sweetwater", on the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam, and in 2013 we provided river safety services for "Jane Got a Gun", on the Rio Grande at Santa Clara Pueblo. In 2015, we provided river safety and river transportation services for the re-make of the "The Magnificent Seven", on the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam

Actress crosses raft bridge during the filming of an NBC series pilot, "Reconstruction"

Britt Runyon stands by with a throw rope as the lead runs towards a doll (standing-in for a drowned child)- "In Jane Got a Gun"