Why We Raft: What compares to a river? Hardly anything, and that's why we raft. The rapids, the calm stretches, the wildlife, the riverside groves and flowers - it's all there, waiting for you and your family.

New Mexico Rivers: The Rio Grande and Rio Chama of northern New Mexico are both included in the federal Wild and Scenic River system, with the upper Rio Grande the centerpiece of the newly-declared Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.   Click here for maps to all of New Wave Rafting's River Trips.

Taos Box:
Rapids: Difficult | Meet Time: 10am | Duration: 6 hours
The Taos Box (short for "box canyon") is the premier run on the Rio Grande - 16 miles in a vertically-walled wilderness gorge, with challenging rapids (Class 4+) guaranteed to get you wet. It is in the top rank of one-day wilderness whitewater trips in the country, and is included in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Rapids: Moderate | Meet Times: 9am and 1pm | Duration: 3 hours
The moderate whitewater (Class 3) of the half-day Racecourse trip makes it the most popular on the Rio Grande. Suitable for families with children 6 and up. Funyaks (inflatable kayaks) are available in low water.

Rio Grande Gorge:
Rapids: Moderate | Meet Time: 10:30am | Duration: 5 hours
A full-day trip that combines the easy New Wave No Wave float trip (Class 2) in the morning, with the moderate (Class 3) Racecourse rapids in the afternoon. Very little children (4 and 5) and aged family members can get off after lunch, while the rest of the family continues into the rapids.

New Wave No Wave:
Rapids: Easy | Meet Time: 10:30am | Duration: 3 hours
This easy (Class 2) half-day float trip includes lunch, and is suitable for very little children (4 and 5) and aged or timid family members and non-swimmers. It floats through the Orilla Verde (Green Banks) Recreation Area, which is included in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Funyak Rentals:

Rapids: Easy | Start Time: Variable | Duration: Variable Try out a funyak on our easy stretches of the river. Shuttle is provided. Meets at New Wave headquarters.

Rio Chama 1-Day:
Rapids: Easy | Meet Time: 9am | Duration: 5 hours
This highly-scenic full-day trip floats through the multi-colored sandstone canyon made famous by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Giant cottonwoods and ponderosa pines line the shores. The rapids are easy to moderate (Class 2 to 3-), and fun yaks are usually brought along. Meets at Bode's General Store in Abiquiu at 9 AM.

Rio Chama 3-Day:
Rapids: Easy | Meet Time: 9am | Duration: 3 days
The Rio Chama is a prized wilderness river (the Chama Canyon Wilderness), with use strictly limited to preserve its wilderness character. Easy to moderate whitewater (Class 2 to 3-) combines with great scenery and pleasant camping, side canyon hikes, hot springs, fishing etc. This is the perfect get-away for families. This trip meets in Abiquiu. 2017 trips: June 2-4; July 21-23; Aug. 18-20. Other dates may be available - please inquire.

Guided Fly Fishing:

Rapids: Easy | Start Time: 9am | Duration: 6 hours
Fly (or spin) fish for brown trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, great northern pike and carp in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area, which is included in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. We use a drift boat or a fishing raft and wade here and there. The Rio Grande is a free-flowing (undammed) river, with abundant insect life. But, you are fore-warned, it can be fickle.