What You Need for Your River Trip:

Taos Box participants are provided wetsuits and wetsuit booties in cool weather.

For our other trips:

Hot Weather

You must be wearing shoes that will stay on your feet if you fall in, such as running shoes, reef walkers, water shoes or Teva type sport sandals - no flip-flops or bare feet allowed, shorts, bathing suit or lightweight, fast-drying pants; T-shirt or long sleeved, lightweight, fast-drying shirt; hat; sun screen; eyeglass strap; a change of clothes and towel. And don't forget your personal bottle of water!

Cool Weather

Add to the above synthetic fiber (nylon, polypro, polartec, bunting, fleece, etc.) or smart wool


For overnight trips, a complete checklist of everything you'll need to be comfortable will be provided.

What You Don't Need for Your River Trip:

Anything You Don't Want to Lose!

Especially non-waterproof cameras, valuables and cell phones (unless you have a waterproof case that you can attach to yourself. We have no way to safeguard valuables and cannot therefore be responsible for personal property. Please also be advised that drinking is restricted to beer in cans only, in moderate amounts and only at the lunch or snack break. Other alcoholic beverages may be brought for evenings on overnight trips.


Eyeglass straps are available at our Embudo headquarters, at Mile 21 on Hwy. 68, three miles south of the County Line.