All you can eat!

The New Wave buffet-style lunch is a real crowd-pleaser. You definitely want to be amply provisioned when you're facing up to a whitewater challenge. Our lunch includes two or three types of deli meats (such as roast beef, smoked turkey, smoked ham), two kinds of cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado spread, sliced onion, roasted green chili, fruit (such as melon, pineapple, strawberry), mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, jelly, cookies, bread, lemonade and water. And, as can be seen, vegetarians are suitably served by the above offerings.



Do you have special dietary requirements? Please let us know beforehand, and we'll do what we can to meet your needs. We are also happy to place whatever food you may choose to bring in our coolers.