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New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
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New Wave Rafting Blog

Whitewater Rafting in Northern New Mexico

New Wave Women Guides Recognized

New Wave Women Guides Recognized. The Taos News recently published “Taos Women”, a special edition magazine. An article entitled “Rough Riders” discussed women Rio Grande rafting guides. The article included the above photos of Kathy Miller, co-owner of New Wave Rafting Co, and guides Cathy Jo Robison and Karen House, along with the following text.

New Website

Kathy and Steve Miller, 2018, Costa Rica

Kathy and I are pleased to announce our new website, the work of Kentyn Reynolds at Connected Hospitality ( Since we like to keep things in the family at New Wave, we should add that Kentyn is owner Kathy Miller’s former husband. We think this new website is very handsome and easy to read, easy to navigate and chock full of both good info and great photos and videos. We hope you will enjoy viewing the contents of the website and find answers to any questions you might have. And you can, of course, always pick up the phone and give us a call.

A new feature of the website is the New Wave Story, which tells you how New Wave came about. Click on the link below.

Hope to see you soon!

Kathy and Steve Miller

New Wave sign with cholla cactus
Our sign and blooming cholla cactus




First Trip of the 2019 Season

The Neely family, on the Rio Grande
The Neely family, with guide and NWR Operations Mgr., Britt Runyon

Our first trip of the 2019 season took place today, March 12. The Neely family joined us for a PM Racecourse trip. Because the weather was threatening, we dressed them in wetsuits, with rain gear over that. Weather-wise, it’s a little early, but we wanted to accommodate folks on Spring Break.

“Great Day On The River”

Guide Orlando Torres
Guide Orlando Torres

“Great day on the river. Batman says hello. Orlando was our guide. He was very knowledgeable about the landscape and we shot the Rapids like pros. Orlando was the best and most informative about the river. Highly recommend Orlando for your next trip.”

Cholla Cactus Blooms Along the Rio Grande, NM

The cholla cactus blooms along the Rio Grande

Early June is when it happens. The cholla cactus blooms, transforming a menacing large cactus into a marvel! This cactus was photographed on 6/8/18, alongside the Rio Grande, in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. New Wave Rafting Co travels this stretch of river in both its New Wave No Wave half-day float and its Monument full-day float. Do you want to do a sunset float? Just ask!

The Rio Chama, Summer, 2018

Our other river is the Rio Chama, the next drainage to the west of the Rio Grande. It joins the Rio Grande at Española, just 20 miles to the south of our headquarters in Embudo. But it is remarkably unlike the Rio Grande in so far as its scenery is concerned. The Rio Grande runs along the Rio Grande Rift, which is responsible for the lava flows that have blanketed the Taos Plateau. The Rio Grande Gorge is cut into those grey and black flows.