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New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
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Whitewater Rafting in Northern New Mexico

Category: Great guides

We have great guides! Our guests rave about them. They are friendly and informative. They have safety uppermost in their minds.  Our guides love the river and nature, and take delight in showing it off. What else are they good at? They know the rapids like the backs of their hands. And know where to find frogs. They can distinguish between beavers, muskrats and otters. And great blue herons and black-crowned night herons.

New Wave Women Guides Recognized

New Wave Women Guides Recognized. The Taos News recently published “Taos Women”, a special edition magazine. An article entitled “Rough Riders” discussed women Rio Grande rafting guides. The article included the above photos of Kathy Miller, co-owner of New Wave Rafting Co, and guides Cathy Jo Robison and Karen House, along with the following text.

On Being A River Guide

On Being A River Guide – by John Bryant Baker

“To someone who has not run a rapid before & questions the need to do so at all, the lure of this charging volume of water pouring toward your very own vulnerable, fragile body is difficult to explain . . . it gives an edge to living, a baptism that blesses with a reminder of mortality . . . once is enough for many, & forever not enough for some.”

-Ann Zwinger

I drift along the eddy lines, the places where current and calm meet. Here the two touch and dance, whirlpools swirling down and boils rising up from the depths. Here, as everywhere, water seeks equilibrium, balance. Maybe this is why I find myself so drawn to rivers. They are all about seeking balance. Just as in life, along the course towards equilibrium I often find myself in the midst of seeming chaos. The rapids and cataracts, the waterfalls and explosions of whitewater, the eddy lines and their tango of whirlpools and boils. Here, among the waves and whitewater, is where I remember that magic exists. Engulfed by the currents and the colliding of water and rocks, my soul sings and I know what it means to be alive. In the heart of water’s struggle for balance exists this special place I long to be, to know, and to take people to. This is why I am a river guide.

Orlando is “THE MAN” – Testimonials | Best Outdoors Trips I’ve Done In My Life

Orlando Torres
Orlando Torres

Orlando is “THE MAN” – Testimonials from Google My Business, 6/20/16

“We did the Taos Box. This trip was one of the best outdoors trips I’ve done in my life. If you picture white water rafting this is what you are thinking about. Easily the best thing to do in New Mexico. Make sure your as for Orlando as your guide. He knows a lot about the landscape and hits the rapids the hardest.”

New Wave Guides, May 2016

New Wave Guides, May 2016. We’re proud of our guys, and here are five of them, after returning from a Racecourse trip a few days ago.


From left to right: Jarrod is from Texas, and works at the Taos Ski and Snowboard School in the winter; Joey is a graduate student at UNM in mathematics; Orlando is a jeweler, and works at the Taos Ski and Snowboard School in the winter; Joe works at the Taos Ski and Snowboard School in the winter and Mike is a former Army ranger and was once celebrated as Santa Fe’s Man of the Year, for disrupting an armed robbery.

With the exception of Joe, all of those seen here initially went through our Guide Training Program. Joe switched over to New Wave from another company. Mike has been with us for over 20 yrs.