Guide Testimonial About Neil Oberheide, AM Racecourse July 18

Guide Testimonial About Neil Oberheide: “Our rafting experience was AMAZING due in part to the expert guide we had.  I can’t remember his name but his aunt & uncle have ownership in the rafting company.  We rafted in the AM trip on July 18th and had a blast.  I had rafted before but my significant other had not.  He being from Chicago and me from Montana made the difference.  I am recommending your company to others and will continue to do so.  Thank you for a wonderful morning.  Chris Danner and Bob fisher”

Neil had been away for a few years (in school in California), but came back to guide again this summer. He brought his dog, Lenny, and, after work, they go out together on a stand up paddle board. While Lenny doesn’t confide much to anyone, we know that he’s having a great time. Neil is too, and you can tell that from the testimonial above.

What distinguishes us from other companies? It’s our guides, who always give our guests the best time possible. They love the outdoor life and love sharing it. Ask for Neil for your next trip. And you can do it online, while at the same time getting the “Online Special” (that’s the promo code) 10% discount. There’s still plenty of summer to go, and there is no better place to spend a summer morning or afternoon than on a river – the Rio Grande, I mean!

Neil and Lenny on SUP

Testimonials Keep Coming In

Testimonials Keep Coming. What can I say? Our guests love us!
Here are some of this season’s testimonials:
Lauren Kylee Buttrey reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star
15 hrs

My family rafted and camped with New Wave over three days. Our guides feel like family after this trip! They went above and beyond, not to mention they were just amazing people to be around in general. My favorite rafting trip thus far and we owe it all to new wave. 10/10 recommend. Cathy and Karen were the best!

Michelle Murphy reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star
19 hrs

What an amazing and awesome rafting trip down the racecourse. Our guide, Orlando was knowledgeable about the local history as well as instructing us on surfing the wave. Great fun! 

Katt Sanders reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star

My family and I went rafting today with New Wave Rafting company. Orlando was our guide and we had an absolute blast!! He provided geology, NM, and Rio Grande history to make the trip interesting and to provide knowledge of the local Gorge. We attended the full day Rio Grande Gorge adventure and was provided a delicious lunch at half day. Thanks Orlando for making our trip memorable!! We will definitely be back and will request Orlando for our guide again!! For future rafters, my family and I would highly recommend this rafting company!! 

Elizabeth Lindsey reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star

We love Orlando and Britt! The most awesome guides ever! Thank you, Orlando, for an amazing experience rafting The Box! You need to name our rock! Will never forget, “HIGH SIDE!!!! Let us know if you make it to Charleston, SC 

Matt Crye reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star

Great trip with Britt on The Racecourse. It was the first whitewater experience for Hank (age 12) and Gip (age 9). They’re hooked and can’t wait to come back!

Gail B. Werbach reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star
May 13

Great day on the Chana with Brit and Joe. Expert guides lovely scenery and great lunch!

Jennifer Pittman reviewed New Wave Rafting Co.5 star

Orlando was an absolutely fantastic tour guide — an area native, he had so much knowledge to share with me and my family. The racecourse was a safe, easy, and sometimes exciting ride for us all.

Testimonials Keep Coming  … New Wave Rafting Co is very proud of our tradition of giving our guests all we got! Kathy is mentioned in the top testimonial. Who is Kathy? She is the President of NWRCo, she is 66 yrs old and still at it! And, she just loves the Rio Chama. Here she is, on the Rio Chama.

Testimonials Keep Coming!

Kathy, on the river


Orlando Continues to Get Rave Reviews

Orlando Gets Rave Reviews.

“Our family had an amazing day on the river, last Wednesday. Orlando was our guide and my daughter nicknamed him El Dorado and its stuck, even since we’ve made our way home. All of the crew was great Mike and Jesse too! Lunch was fresh and tasty. We enjoyed the stops and finding some treasures along the way. We’re hoping to return again for the 3 day trip and conquer the box! Thanks again guys!”  Sharon Kilmer 8/9/16

“Had an excellent float, loved our guide Orlando and the fact that one of the other guides brought tomatoes from his own garden for lunch. Highly recommend this company!”  Karen Dorothy 7/26/16

“everyone was soo cool. we had a rad time with our guide Orlando he is very fun, knowledgeable and sogreat with our children!”  Spencer James 7/24/16

“Our guide Orlando was awesome! Incredibly knowledgeable about the river and surrounding area and made our time on the water very safe and enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back! Thank you!” Hunter Christensen, 7/7/16

“Britt was an amazing guide. He was engaging and full of cool facts and info. The kids learned so much about New Mexico and rafting. He’s loves what he does and it shows!” Kelly Morrow  6/16/16 

“Outstanding instructors! I know I’m not ready to go out and raft a level 5 but they made me feel capable. In addition they have amazing hospitality and gave us snacks after we finished.”  Salima Watson, 6/5/16

And not only him. The guides that work for NWRCo. really like people! And they like talking about the natural history of the river, and much more.

Orlando gets rave reviews

Orlando Torres

Orlando gets rave reviews

Jesse, in front, and Joe

Orlando gets rave reviews

Britt. He and CJ grow the tomatoes.

Come, and find out for yourself! Reserve here: photos:

Orlando Gets Rave Reviews

Testimonial – White Sands group, 7/30/16

“Steve and New Wave Crew,
Thank you so much for another great trip.  I heard nothing but great things
from our rafters. They said the guides were funny and very knowledgeable,
the lunch you all offered was particularly a talked about topic. They said
it was amazing and exactly what they needed.  Thank you again and I look
forward to working with you guys again. – White Sands Group!

Selena Vargas
Recreation Assistant
White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002”

This group of repeat customers come up from White Sands Missile Range, in southern NM (where it’s HOT in the summer), to cool off in the Rio Grande. They did the all-day Rio Grande Gorge trip, which is available all summer long.
Thanks guys!


Testimonial – July 25, 2016

Testimonial – July 25, 2016

“I had a great time with our guide Joey. We did some raft surfing and had a great time in general.” – Will Steger review in Google My Business, July 25, 2016.
What is “raft surfing”, you ask. Well, at low water, such as we have now (late July), we can play in various river features, including small pour-overs. A pour-over is where water pours over a rock, as a small waterfall. We bring the bow of the raft into that mini-waterfall, and it holds onto the raft for a short while. Here’s a photo of raft surfing:

The other raft was captained by Neil Oberheide. Here, they are surfing the hole below the bridge

Raft surfing in the Taos Box.

Raft surfing on the Racecourse run

Raft surfing on the Racecourse run

And …

A vintage NWRCo t-shirt, being worn by a happy return customer

A vintage NWRCo t-shirt, being worn by a happy return customer

Testimonial, Taos Box, 6/30/16

Testimonial, Taos Box, 6/30/16

GREAT!  Sheep, Otters!  Nice people, good guide, overcast day.  What’s not to love?  Thanks so much.  Oh, and no swimmers!    Nancy, John, Anna and Maria. Photos courtesy of Nancy Bittner.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Jesse, in front, and Joe

Jesse, in front, and Joe, at the take-out

The Taos Box is still going good. Don’t miss it!

Testimonials – 2016

Here is a selection of testimonials received this season.

  1. “Had a great time…we’ll be back.Thank you very much for the hat and shirts.” Mark Ford, Jr.
  2. “The trip was a highlight of my life. My team loved the experience too. Deb at cimarron inn, cimarron, recommended you after investigating for me. You have a great reputation!” LuAnn Walters
  3. “Today was the best trip of many…” Marge Barrett
  4. Steve,
    Thanks for the kayak rental today!  We had a blast–perfect combo of relaxed floating down the river interspersed with periods of exciting rapids (ok, only level 2, maybe 3 but fun just the same!).

Our guests don’t just have a good time … they have a great time! 75% of our business comes from return customers and word of mouth. Give us a try. Seeing is believing. We’ve been in business since 1980 – that’s 36 years – and know how to put smiles on peoples’ faces.

Dead Car rapid, in the Taos Box

Dead Car rapid, in the Taos Box


The kids from Sunset Canyon Baptist Church. Photo by Britt Runyon

The kids from Sunset Canyon Baptist Church. Photo by Britt Runyon

Steve Miller, VP