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New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
New Wave Rafting New Mexico Whitewater Rafting
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Whitewater Rafting in Northern New Mexico

Category: Testimonials

A happy young lady in a funyak
A happy young lady

Our guests give us unsolicited testimonials of how much they enjoyed their guides. That’s why we have so many repeat customers. And they tell their friends about us. Our primary sources are returning customers, friends, internet and brochure distribution. The guide makes the trip for the guest in many ways. The guide not only instructs the guests in how to paddle and what to do if something goes wrong (like falling!). He or she also talks about the geology of the canyon and identifies the birds and animals seen. There is also the human history, with key battles between the cavalry and the Indians (the Indians won the most important local battle). The existing Indian reservations in the area are numerous, and make good topics of conversation. Our guests learn more than they expected they would from our guides, and they appreciate it. And they express that in their testimonials.

The Chama Mama trip – 3 days in the NM wilds

On the weekend of Aug. 19-21, we had a full house of 16 women participate in the Chama Mama 3-day Chama Wildermess trip, a New Wave tradition. The four staff were: Kathy Miller, Pres. of New Wave, CJ Robison (who has been with New Wave for over 10 yrs.), Elisha MacArthur (guide from the Arkansas River) and Lorie Bonds Lopez, formerly an Outward Bound course leader. The group had good water and not much rain! Here’s what the group organizer has to say:

Orlando Continues to Get Rave Reviews

Orlando Gets Rave Reviews.

“Our family had an amazing day on the river, last Wednesday. Orlando was our guide and my daughter nicknamed him El Dorado and its stuck, even since we’ve made our way home. All of the crew was great Mike and Jesse too! Lunch was fresh and tasty. We enjoyed the stops and finding some treasures along the way. We’re hoping to return again for the 3 day trip and conquer the box! Thanks again guys!”  Sharon Kilmer 8/9/16

“Thank you so much for another great trip”

“Steve and New Wave Crew,

Thank you so much for another great trip.  I heard nothing but great things from our rafters. They said the guides were funny and very knowledgeable, the lunch you all offered was particularly a talked about topic. They said it was amazing and exactly what they needed.  Thank you again and I look
forward to working with you guys again. – White Sands Group!

– Selena Vargas
Recreation Assistant
White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002

“I had a great time with our guide Joey”

Raft surfing on the Racecourse run
Raft surfing on the Racecourse run

“I had a great time with our guide Joey. We did some raft surfing and had a great time in general.” – Will S. review in Google My Business, July 25, 2016.

What is “raft surfing”, you ask. Well, at low water, such as we have now (late July), we can play in various river features, including small pour-overs. A pour-over is where water pours over a rock, as a small waterfall. We bring the bow of the raft into that mini-waterfall, and it holds onto the raft for a short while. Here’s a photo of raft surfing:

Orlando is “THE MAN” – Testimonials | Best Outdoors Trips I’ve Done In My Life

Orlando Torres
Orlando Torres

Orlando is “THE MAN” – Testimonials from Google My Business, 6/20/16

“We did the Taos Box. This trip was one of the best outdoors trips I’ve done in my life. If you picture white water rafting this is what you are thinking about. Easily the best thing to do in New Mexico. Make sure your as for Orlando as your guide. He knows a lot about the landscape and hits the rapids the hardest.”

“Had a great time…we’ll be back!”

Dead Car rapid, in the Taos Box
Dead Car rapid, in the Taos Box

Here is a selection of testimonials received this season.

  1. “Had a great time…we’ll be back.Thank you very much for the hat and shirts.”  – Mark F. Jr.
  2. “The trip was a highlight of my life. My team loved the experience too. Deb at cimarron inn, cimarron, recommended you after investigating for me. You have a great reputation!” -LuAnn W.
  3. “Today was the best trip of many…” Marge B.
  4. “Steve, Thanks for the kayak rental today!  We had a blast–perfect combo of relaxed floating down the river interspersed with periods of exciting rapids (ok, only level 2, maybe 3 but fun just the same!)– Monica


Britt, in our staff shirt
Britt, in our staff shirt

“Me and 6 others did the Taos Box with New Wave and our raft guide Britt was the best guide I’ve had throughout my many rafting trips across the U.S. He knew so much about the local area, geology (which was awesome because I’m a geologist) and knew the river like the back of his hand! Everyone was super friendly and they packed us a badass lunch. If you’re looking for a great rafting experience for a first timer or a veteran, New Wave is the place to go!” – Joe M. June 10, 2015