Testimonial, 5-10-18

Hi Britt,

We all had a super time.  So much better than the one we did in Alaska.
Also thank you for the advice to see the Valley of Fire Park.  It as our favorite!!
Thank you again.

Britt Runyon

William Gloer, from Baylor College

Prof. William Gloer and students from Baylor College at the put-in for the Racecourse run on the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Prof. William Gloer and seminary students from Baylor College

Here is the first of two groups brought each year by William Gloer, of Baylor College, in Waco, Texas. That’s William in the yellow T-shirt. The crutch was for one of the students, who had a sprained ankle. I wonder what the guy on the right was thinking? The group did the Racecourse run, on the Rio Grande.

At Souse Hole, on the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

At Souse Hole

 The Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Souse hole, on the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM


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New Wave Rafting most recent Rave Review

“Hi there, Thanks for your note.  The family and I had a GREAT time – one of the highlights of our vacation. All because of the great organisation and service that your people provide.  We were very, very impressed with Orlando, our guide for the day. Please send our best wishes and please let him know that he provided my family and I with a holiday that we will remember as a family, literally, forever.  Thank you.  Charlie, Stacey, Morgan, Zoe and Joel Weiser (Sydney, Australia).”

New Wave Rafting Co. exceeds your expectations!

New Wave Rafting Driveway Improvements

We hired Pat Archuleta, a local handyman, to bring his tractor over to do some work on our driveway, which needed widening. Then we added base course. That’s Kathy, NWRCo. Pres. and Guide Jesse, doing the evening-out of the material. Our headquarters are right on New Mexico 68, just 3 miles down the road (towards Santa Fe) from the County Line, one of the focal points of New Mexico rafting!