Cholla Cactus Blooms Along the Rio Grande, NM

The cholla cactus flowers.

Early June is when it happens. The cholla cactus blooms, transforming a menacing large cactus into a marvel! This cactus was photographed on 6/8/18, alongside the Rio Grande, in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. New Wave Rafting Co travels this stretch of river in both its New Wave No Wave half-day float and its Monument full-day float. Do you want to do a sunset float? Just ask!

What else? Our half-day Racecourse and full-day Rio Grande Gorge trips, with optional funyaks at no extra cost – just ask for one. The river water is now warm and great for swimming. We saw a golden eagle along the river yesterday, and there are so many ducklings and goslings, you’ll be amazed. It’s a beautiful river!