Racecourse High Water

Racecourse High Water,  May, 18 2017. Our friends from Baylor University, in Waco, Texas, returned for a Racecourse trip, and enjoyed high water … and cool temps! They, of course, survived. The river is running at 3300 cfs today, making the Racecourse a Class 4 run.

We expect the river to continue rising, what with the fact that it is still snowing in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado! When will it peak?, everyone is asking. Well, normally, I would say the first week of June, but since the climate started getting quirky, it’s anybody’s guess.

I got to leave the office and take some pix of the group. Hope you like them!

The group, with guide Orlando Torres

A good hit in the “Glory Hole”

About to get clobbered in Sleeping Beauty Rapid

Guide Orlando Torres