Final Taos Box Trip of 2015, 8/2/15

Final Taos Box Trip of 2015, 8/2/15. There’s lots to see and do on a Taos Box trip – 16 miles of Class 3 and 4 rapids in a wilderness gorge, populated with otters, bighorn sheep, eagles, muskrats, beaver …. The Taos Box is the centerpiece of the recently declared Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, which includes the Rio Grande Gorge and wild lands that spread out to either side on the surrounding plains. You can’t get a better one-day wilderness whitewater trip anywhere in the West. Shown here is our last trip of the season, with low water calling a halt to further activity in the Box. It just gets too rocky, as you will see. This fabulous collection of photos were shot by the very talented Britt Runyon, who is New Wave’s Operations Manager and official photographer. He was joined on this trip by guide Joe Cameron. As to next year, if New Mexico benefits from the predicted El Nino, we’ll see good flows in the Rio Grande once again. Think about reserving your Box trip for June, when we get the highest flows of the summer. See you then!!




Rio Grande Gorge High Bridge


One of the introduced bighorn sheep


Dead Car rapid


Young bighorn sheep


Power line Falls. Joe does raft gymnastics.


Powerline Falls


Rock Garden scout and sculpted rock


Rock Garden rapid, with the notorious Camel Rock smack dab in the middle


Boulder Field entrance


Fluted Boulder

New Wave Rafting Co season ends

Another New Wave Rafting Co season under our belts … 33 summers of running the Rio Grande and Rio Chama! And … there is an El Nino predicted for this winter, with above average snowfall. Call us in late winter to find out about the snowpack, and book your Taos Box trip. Talk to you then.

Also, check on this blog during the winter, since we post all the time. You never know what you’re going to see!

Powerline Falls, on the Taos Box run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Powerline Falls, on the Taos Box run