Guide Testimonial About Neil Oberheide, AM Racecourse July 18

Guide Testimonial About Neil Oberheide: “Our rafting experience was AMAZING due in part to the expert guide we had.  I can’t remember his name but his aunt & uncle have ownership in the rafting company.  We rafted in the AM trip on July 18th and had a blast.  I had rafted before but my significant other had not.  He being from Chicago and me from Montana made the difference.  I am recommending your company to others and will continue to do so.  Thank you for a wonderful morning.  Chris Danner and Bob fisher”

Neil had been away for a few years (in school in California), but came back to guide again this summer. He brought his dog, Lenny, and, after work, they go out together on a stand up paddle board. While Lenny doesn’t confide much to anyone, we know that he’s having a great time. Neil is too, and you can tell that from the testimonial above.

What distinguishes us from other companies? It’s our guides, who always give our guests the best time possible. They love the outdoor life and love sharing it. Ask for Neil for your next trip. And you can do it online, while at the same time getting the “Online Special” (that’s the promo code) 10% discount. There’s still plenty of summer to go, and there is no better place to spend a summer morning or afternoon than on a river – the Rio Grande, I mean!

Neil and Lenny on SUP

On the Rio Grande with Lynn Middle School, Las Cruces

On the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Lynn Middle School

Bobbie Arnone and a group of kids and teachers from Lynn Middle School, in Las Cruces, NM, returned for their annual raft trip, on May 3, 2014.  They did the afternoon Racecourse, on the Rio Grande river. The water and weather were great. Thanks Bobbie! Photos by Britt Runyon.

At the Racecourse put-in, on the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

Lynn Middle School

Rio Grande river trips, 4-24-14

We had all foreign guests today – a French couple and an English family. The Armstrong family, from England, did the Racecourse rapids in the afternoon, joining Dominique and Olivier, who were doing the full-day Rio Grande Gorge trip. Britt Runyon was their guide. The river is running 565 cfs today, and it’s warm. A beautiful day to go rafting on the Rio Grande river!

On the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

On the left, the Armstrong family. On the right: Dominique and Olivier. Behind, guide Britt Runyon

On the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande river, near Taos, NM

From left to right: Britt (guide), Dominique, Olivier