Out of the Raft at Sunset Rapid (Movie), Rio Grande

Out of the Raft at Sunset Rapid, Taos Box, Rio Grande, New Mexico

Taos Junction Rapid (aka Sunset Rapid) ends the Taos Box run on the Rio Grande, in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. It’s called Taos Junction Rapid because it’s just upstream of Taos Junction Bridge – this bridge having been named for the reason that it connected Taos and the Taos Junction station on the Chili Line, a narrow-gauge railway that once ran west of the gorge. Also, it’s located at the “junction” of a major tributary – Taos Creek – and the Rio Grande, Taos Creek being the source of the boulders that make the rapid.

In this high-water scene, Taos Creek enters the Rio Grande from the left. The big wave seen right of center is created by a large boulder that was deposited into the river by  flooding in Taos Creek. This is the big wave  seen in the movie that follows. Kathy Miller photo.

Taos Junction Rapid (aka Sunset Rapid), after a flood in Taos Creek that narrowed the Rio Grande. Taos Junction Bridge is seen downstream. Steve Miller photo.

Taos Junction Bridge

Sunset Rapid of the Taos Box.

Taos Junction Rapid (aka Sunset Rapid). Photo courtesy of Southern Exposure Photography

Many folks ask about what happens if you fall out of the raft. My typical answer is that we usually find you. But, to be serious, the following movie shows a good example of how we get you back. Points to notice: the guest did not let go of her paddle, which she could extend back to the raft to help pull her over; she got on her back with feet up to fend off rocks; she positioned herself next to the boat so that she could be pulled back in on her back, which is much easier than trying to pull her in on her stomach; it didn’t take long to get to her and get her back in – usually the water calms down after a rapid making it easier to chase after a “swimmer”. Watch it now!

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Orlando Continues to Get Rave Reviews

Orlando Gets Rave Reviews.

“Our family had an amazing day on the river, last Wednesday. Orlando was our guide and my daughter nicknamed him El Dorado and its stuck, even since we’ve made our way home. All of the crew was great Mike and Jesse too! Lunch was fresh and tasty. We enjoyed the stops and finding some treasures along the way. We’re hoping to return again for the 3 day trip and conquer the box! Thanks again guys!”  Sharon Kilmer 8/9/16

“Had an excellent float, loved our guide Orlando and the fact that one of the other guides brought tomatoes from his own garden for lunch. Highly recommend this company!”  Karen Dorothy 7/26/16

“everyone was soo cool. we had a rad time with our guide Orlando he is very fun, knowledgeable and sogreat with our children!”  Spencer James 7/24/16

“Our guide Orlando was awesome! Incredibly knowledgeable about the river and surrounding area and made our time on the water very safe and enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back! Thank you!” Hunter Christensen, 7/7/16

“Britt was an amazing guide. He was engaging and full of cool facts and info. The kids learned so much about New Mexico and rafting. He’s loves what he does and it shows!” Kelly Morrow  6/16/16 

“Outstanding instructors! I know I’m not ready to go out and raft a level 5 but they made me feel capable. In addition they have amazing hospitality and gave us snacks after we finished.”  Salima Watson, 6/5/16

And not only him. The guides that work for NWRCo. really like people! And they like talking about the natural history of the river, and much more.

Orlando gets rave reviews

Orlando Torres

Orlando gets rave reviews

Jesse, in front, and Joe

Orlando gets rave reviews

Britt. He and CJ grow the tomatoes.

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Orlando Gets Rave Reviews