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A Group Of Friends Enjoys Rafting On The Rio Grande River
A Group Of Friends Enjoys Rafting On The Rio Grande River
A Group Of Friends Enjoys Rafting On The Rio Grande River
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Frequently Asked Questions

River Rafting With New Wave Rafting Co.

Q: I don’t swim. What trip should I take?

A: The Float trip. This trip poses little risk of being thrown out of the boat.

Q: I’m a poor swimmer. What trip should I take?

A: The Float trip. Even though you are wearing a life jacket, if you fell out and got separated from the boat, you would need to swim to shore or another boat in perhaps turbulent water.

Q: I’m pregnant. What trip should I take?

A: If you haven’t consulted your doctor on this matter, The Float trip.

Q: Another member of my party has never done this before and is nervous. Should we do the Box or an easier trip?

A: An easier trip is the best choice for someone who is anxious.

Q: We’ve never done this before. Can we do the Box?

A: If everyone in your party is in good physical condition, a capable swimmer and looking for adventure, yes.

Q: I’m very overweight. Can I go rafting?

A: Because it can be very difficult to pull overweight people back into the boat, you should do the Float trip, where there is little risk of falling out of the boat. Our weight limit is 275 lbs. If you are over that weight limit, but are otherwise strong and feel that you could deal with falling out of the boat, it can be waived.

Q: Are toilets readily available on your trips?

A: All trips have toilet facilities (most often portable toilets) at the beginning and end of the trip.

Q: I have a medical condition. Should I go rafting?

A: It’s best to consult your doctor on this matter, and bring your condition to our attention when first purchasing your trip.

Q: Which is best: the AM or PM Racecourse trip?

A: Both trips cover the same stretch of river. In early season (April and May) the AM trip is cooler than the PM trip. In rainy season (July and August) it’s more likely to rain in the PM. June is usually hot and dry. The only other difference between the AM and PM trips is that we serve a small snack on the AM trip, and a larger snack on the PM trip.

Q: Does my party need to fill up a boat?

A: No. We combine parties to fill up boats.

Q: Is it customary to tip my guide, and what is a usual tip?

A: It is customary to tip your guide, as recognition of a job well done. A usual tip is 15% to 20% of the purchase price of your trip.

Q: Where is the rafting, in relation to Santa Fe and Taos?

A: The Taos Box trip is located directly west of Taos. It starts north of Taos and ends south of Taos.The Rio Grande Gorge High Bridge crosses over the Taos Box trip, at a point about four miles downstream of the put-in. All other Rio Grande trips take place downstream of the Taos Box trip, in the vicinity of Pilar. Pilar is located on Hwy 68, about a half-hour drive south of Taos and an hour and a half drive north of Santa Fe.

Q: I see that you operate rain or shine. Should I be concerned about lightning during thunderstorms?

A: No, lightning strikes at the rim of the canyon, and not at river level.

Q: Are your trips the same as everyone else’s trips?

A: Rio Grande outfitters offer trips on the same stretches of river. What distinguishes one outfitter’s trips from another is the quality of service provided. One safety-related element of service is the average level of experience/expertise of the guide staff, which can vary significantly. In rafting as elsewhere, one generally gets what one pays for. Don’t jeopardize your safety by letting price alone determine your choice.

Q: How do I get back to my car?

A: No worry! Your car remains at the meeting place and we provide complimentary transportation from there to the put-in spot and, in the case of the Taos Box, back to the meeting place at the conclusion of the trip.

Are there other questions you have for us?

We want to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information concerning the nature of our trips. Please call: (800) 984-1444. We’ll be happy to talk with you!