New Wave Rafts the Rio Marañon, Peru

A 400 mile, 28 day, whitewater river trip on the primary source of the Amazon, with Class V rapids, Class V biting flies and Class V foot fungus!

Here’s Day 10 of our trip. Click on the link below:



River Safety for Magnificent Seven. NWRCo. provided river safety services for the filming of the re-make of The Magnificent Seven, which included river crossings of mounted riders.

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Final Taos Box Trip of 2015, 8/2/15. There’s lots to see and do on a Taos Box trip – 16 miles of Class 3 and 4 rapids in a wilderness gorge, populated with otters, bighorn sheep, eagles, muskrats, beaver …. The Taos Box is the centerpiece of the recently declared Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, which includes the Rio Grande Gorge and wild lands that spread out to either side on the surrounding plains. You can’t get a better one-day wilderness whitewater trip anywhere in the West. Shown here is our last trip of the season, with low water calling a halt to further activity in the Box. It just gets too rocky, as you will see. This fabulous collection of photos were shot by the very talented Britt Runyon, who is New Wave’s Operations Manager and official photographer. He was joined on this trip by guide Joe Cameron. As to next year, if New Mexico benefits from the predicted El Nino, we’ll see good flows in the Rio Grande once again. Think about reserving your Box trip for June, when we get the highest flows of the summer. See you then!!




Rio Grande Gorge High Bridge


One of the introduced bighorn sheep


Dead Car rapid


Young bighorn sheep


Power line Falls. Joe does raft gymnastics.


Powerline Falls


Rock Garden scout and sculpted rock


Rock Garden rapid, with the notorious Camel Rock smack dab in the middle


Boulder Field entrance


Fluted Boulder

Racecourse Smile

Steve Miller —  August 4, 2015

Racecourse Smile. Here’s a great photo by Britt Runyon:

Sousehole Rapid, on the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande, near Taos, NM

Sousehole Rapid, on the Racecourse run of the Rio Grande, near Taos, NM

Reviews on Google-My-Business, July 2015

From Sara:

Had such a great time on the Taos Box trip. Our guide Joe was very knowledgeable and friendly. Made it fun but made sure we were safe as well. Great lunch provided. Would definitely do it again.

From Ashley:

“My sister and I experienced White Water Rafting as adults for the first time and had the best experience of our lives with New Wave Rafting. Joe was our guide and he was fantastic! We did the Taos box, and it was just stunning. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and made the entire experience worth remembering! If I could give more stars I definitely would! The lunch provided was perfect, and the scenery just breathtaking! Thank you Joe and Cathy for making this such a memorable experience! I will definitely be back! You guys are the best!”

The Taos Box: Below Rock Garden is Kathy's Cleaver, named for my wife Kathy

The Taos Box: Below Rock Garden is Kathy’s Cleaver, named  Kathy Miller, President of New Wave Rafting Co.


The Taos Box, July 5, 2015

Robert Cornell and friends. Photo by Britt Runyon.

Rhino Rock, near the end of the Taos Box

Rhino Rock, near the end of the Taos Box

Testimonials! 2015 Season


Daniel Burkhart —
5 star
Best experience ever! Britt was beyond a great guide on the box trip! Will be back soon!! A++++++



Can not tell you what a great time we had!!!!  I personally never thought I could White Water raft but did, HURRAH!!!!  Our guide, Joe, was exceptional.  He encouraged us to do The Box next year, I am already in training. What more could we ask for and of course Joe will be our guide.

Thanks so much for this wonderful experience

Chris and Everett Darnielle



We had a great time.  The river guides were outstanding.  I hope we can do it again with you next year.

Bodie Davis


Hello, This rafting trip is one we will never forget!!!!  We had fun and it was trully an adventure we can brag about.
Thanks, Pat




Cholla Time At New Wave

Steve Miller —  June 29, 2015

Cholla Time At New Wave

The cholla cactus is now in bloom, here in northern New Mexico. Here’s a cholla blooming alongside our sign.

Blooming cholla cactus at New Wave Rafting Co. headquarters

Blooming cholla cactus at New Wave Rafting Co. headquarters

One of the Oldest Guides on the River

Britt Runyon (aka Britt Huggins) has been with New Wave since the end of the last ice age. He attended our Guide Training Program in 1984, and never looked back. As he likes to say, he has the best job in the world. He has been our Operations Manager for quite a while as well. And, he’s the one that contributes most of the photos you see here on our website/blog. Without Britt, this whole show would likely grind to a halt. So, we’re very happy that he is still with us, and look forward to another few decades (at least ) with Britt. Here’s a couple of mug shots.

Britt, modeling our staff shirt

Britt, modeling our staff shirt

Britt, in our staff shirt

Britt, in our staff shirt

We found ourselves, on June 16, suddenly short of a guide! To deal with this extremity, I was released from my cubicle (where I take reservations practically everyday of the summer), and guided a Racecourse trip that afternoon. Why is this worthy of mention, you may ask? It’s because I am 75 years old (and hadn’t guided for a while). This makes me the oldest guide on the river, having begun my career on the Rio Grande in the 70s. In my boat were an 80 yr. old gentleman and his 9r. old grandson.  He’s come with us multiple times. We all had a very good time.

Who is this mystery boatman? It's that old guy, Steve, the VP of New Wave Rafting Co.

Who is this mystery boatman? It’s that old guy, Steve, the VP of New Wave Rafting Co.