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New Wave Rafting Racecourse Afternoon Departure Trip
New Wave Rafting Racecourse Afternoon Departure Trip
New Wave Rafting Racecourse Afternoon Departure Trip
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Rio Grande Racecourse Rafting Adventure

Afternoon Departure - 1PM

Trip Meets At:

Taos/Rio Arriba County Line (see map)

This half-day river adventure features an action-packed 5 miles of moderate white water (Class 3/Moderate, Class 4/Difficult, in high water) perfect for beginners and families. This is our most popular trip. Minimum age is 6 (minimum age higher, in high water).

We Provide:

A life jacket, rain gear, helmet, paddle, snack (chips and salsa, fruit, cookies, drink). We also provide funyaks at no extra cost in low water conditions (for those in good physical condition). Just ask.

You Provide:

Appropriate footwear for yourself (running shoes or sport sandals with extra strap or water shoes or dive booties), a change of clothes and drinking water.

Other than time of day, how does the PM Racecourse trip differ from the AM Racecourse trip? The PM trip will be hotter, but is more subject to thunderstorms. By the way, lightning usually does not strike on the river, but on the canyon rims, far overhead.

The Racecourse run begins at the Quartzite site, along Hwy 68, just below the village of Pilar, and ends 6 miles downstream at the County Line site (the Rio Arriba/Taos county line). Hemmed in by basalt mesas to the north and the quartzite cliffs of the Picuris Mountains to the south, the Racecourse run has an abundance of Class 3 (“moderate”) whitewater. It is the most popular whitewater rafting and kayaking stretch in the State, with continuous rapids for five miles. It ends with the legendary Souse Hole Rapid, which is Class 4 in higher water, and the spot where the photographers of Southern Exposure catch the whitewater action. The take-out, at the County Line site, has toilets and changing rooms. The Racecourse run is perfect for those new to whitewater rafting. In the low water conditions of late summer individual or two-person inflated kayaks, known as “funyaks” add to the excitement for those willing to maneuver their own craft.

Drive Time:

Driving time to the County Line is one hour and fifteen minutes from Santa Fe and 40 minutes from Taos. Your car is parked at the County Line and we provide a courtesy shuttle to the put-in. Give your car keys to our driver, who will keep them safely in our vehicle. At the end of the trip you are back at your car.